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Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint is a measure of the environmental impact that the human activities cause in the environment and it is determined according to the quantity of greenhouse gases produced in offering the product or service, measured in units of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Quantifying the carbon footprint, the goal is that the companies could reduce the levels of pollution by means of a standardized calculation of the emission that take place during the productive process. To measure and to muffle the carbon footprint is not only taking care of the environment or  fashion, it means increasing the competitiveness and even to keep in business. Though the certificate of carbon footprint is not obligatory now, the public administrations start promoting its appearence by means of legislative actions. On the other hand, the market already has begun to demand this type of information.

Our solutions

Cyclus Vitae Solutions helps you to determine and analyze the carbon footprint of your company, in product and corporative levels:

  • Calculation of products and services' carbon footprint according to international standards (PAS 2050 and future ISO 14067).
  • Calculation of corporate carbon footprint according to GHG-Protocol and ISO 14064.
  • Strategies of emission reduction.
  • Studies of energy efficiency and analysis of carbon reduction.
  • Development of climatic declarations, support in the process of certification of the calculation and the reduction of emissions.
  • Report elaboration and communication.

The benefits

  • To obtain objective and quantitative information on the impact in climate change of your products and activities.
  • To possess the necessary information in order to take efficient and effective decisions in the elaboration of policies of emission reduction.
  • It is an indicator of the energy efficiency and allows to identify possibilities of cost saving.
  • To give answers, with veracious and trustworthy information, to an increasing institutional interest and of consumers in the emissions associated to the consumption of products.
  • To communicate the emissions associated with products, services and processes and to transmit the environmental commitment of your organization.
  • Possibility of certification for the calculation or for the reduction of emissions.
  • Differentiation regard to the competition.
  • It is a new variable in the profile of a product and everything indicates that it will be increasingly growing, an element of differentiation in the markets contributing with added value.
  • Fulfillment of the current environmental legislation and preparation for the future legislation.
Facing your climate change challenges






Los servicios de Huella de Carbono de Cyclus Vitae cuentan con el apoyo del Fondo Social Europeo y del Subprograma INNCORPORA (línea INNCORPORA-TU) del Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación.

Experts in Sustainability

Dr. Pere Fullana i Palmer

CEO Cyclus Vitae Solutions, S.L.

“Cyclus offers specialized environmental consultancy carried out by a group of consultants coming from the best research groups, with wide international experience, which will allow to your organization to know its environmental impact, optimize its products and processes, and communicate those achievements in order to improve your market positioning. We will go with you through all the process towards sustainability.”

An exapmple of our work

Carbon Footprint study of the products "Design for recycling 2009"

Client: Agència de Residus de Catalunya (ARC) - Catalonian Waste Agency

Sector: Waste

Area: Carbon Footprint and environmental communication

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